Swindon Underground Airport

It\’s not an airport and it ain\’t in Swindon!

Team Man Boobs

So, Sulz has the honour of Team Vagina.

In the comments of that post people have mentioned the male equivalent. Possibilities were Team Penis, Team Dick or Team Balls. Meh. Didn’t like any of those suggestions so went with my own.

Yep, Team Man Boobs.

For all those men that have ’em. You’re not necessarily over weight, but carrying that extra bit of un-toned muscle (aka fat) that hangs around the man’s useless nipple hidden by the masculine (and also pointless) chest hair. I mean, come on – why the hell do men have nipples anyway???

So If you have man boobs and are proud of it then leave a comment. Let’s do something for the MEN of wordpress. If anybody’s feeling creative they can create a logo, otherwise I’ll do it when I have a few minutes….

What is Team Man Boobs gonna do? I don’t know yet. Any suggestions?

For that matter, what is Team Vagina all about?


September 5, 2006 Posted by | Man Boobs, team man boobs, team vagina, vagina | 11 Comments