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Some People Don’t Understand the Tag System

Here at wp.com instead of a standard category system they use a system called tagging. This allows a visitor to look at a particular tag and see all the posts in that category.

It generally works really well. Right up until you get the person that either doesn’t understand tags or likes to abuse the system in a vain attempt to get more readers.

Let’s take an example. dianachance.wordpress.com recently moaned about the RSS feeds not working properly. Fair enough, if it doesn’t work, get it fixed. No problem with that. But. What the fuck has RSS problems got to do with:

Bad Behavior, News and politics, Life in general, Photo Sharing, Life, Amazing Facts, Whatever, Blogosphere, Science, Marketing, Business, Blog, photos, Humanity, What The Fuck, Entertainment, Politics, Photography, Blogs and Blogging, Girl Stuff, Happy, sex, advertising, the life, Own Story, Genre: Romance, Photo Blogging, quotes, Creativity, Market Analysis, Top 10 Blogs, Top Blogs, daily life, Inside my mind, Photo, General Blogging, Photographs, Cool photos, philosophy & politics, Impeach Bush, Blogroll, Everything, The Story Behind a Photo, Market Research & Intelligence, Marketing Communications, The Marketeer, What if…, Beauty, Emarketing, Mind & Spirit, What I’m thinking now, Jokes, Stories From The Heart, What’s New, Feeds, President Bush, anger, Emotional, Law & Politics, Feed, Sexual/Sensual, Marketing & Promotion, kids, News Feeds, Intuition, Matters of the Heart, Love, Romance/ Love, Article Marketing, Motherhood, Blonde, Management, Democrats, Internet Marketing, Quotes for Thought, psycho girl, Your Body & Your Life, Marriage, stupidity, Life and loving it., Success!, Quotable Quotes, My Story, Romantic, a-woman-thing, Sexcom, Amazing Stuff, Spiritual Quotes, Sexblogging, sexy, etcetera, Depression, Sadness, Crazy, About Me, Myself and I, Advertisement, joke, George W. Bush, Jokes / Funny Stuff, Who am I?, Pain, Top Headlines, What is real?, Web Marketing, romance, Child abuse and neglect, Jokes and Humor, Today I am listening to……, confusions, Humor n Joke, Call Meh Crazy, Childhood Blogs, Invention, Innovation, Creativity, This Ugly and Beautiful World, confusion, imaginer, stupid secrets, Top 5 Lists, Sexuality, Blondes, When My Heart Goes Crazy, Hopeless Romantic Me, Girls, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Love/Romance, Imagination, Psychology & The Mind, Offline Marketing Top Tips, believer, Addiction, sad things, girlspeak, Love & Relationships, General Confusion, Quotations, I Think, child psychology, Fashion & Beauty, RSS Feeds, sex toys, Democrats & The Left, People smarter than me, of Success, Deflecting them Mind Control Beams with my Nifty Tin Ha, Manly, Sexyliving News, Sexy Girls, blonde moments, Confused, happiness, RSS & Web feeds, lover, SMART-TAG, What can you imagine, Victims, Passion, Passions and interests, Believe it or not, Democrat issues, Law of Success, Men&Romance, Democrats and Republicans, Sex Toys Blogs, Feminism & Sexuality, imagine the world, Worthy Quotations, Genius in review, Top 10, Lovers, My Married Life, A Blondes Ramblings, I Am, create reality, loving human beings, Am I?, What is memory, Amazing things that happened to me, Married Bliss, Project Advertisement, The unbelievable, The Art of Happiness, Top 5, Being A Woman, Blonde Jokes, Imagine, You wouldn’t believe, Can’t believe I did it, Adventures in Womanhood, Couples, Pain and suffering, Top 10 Current Best Sellers, married couples, career woman, blackmail, Genius, unbelievable, Blissfulness, intelligent, Why Is It So Hard To Believe You’re Beautiful?, sex and sexuality, Top 10 Best, Mind Control, bliss, some imagination required!, Uh, Happiness & Joy, Marriage Equality, foreplay, HELLO GORGEOUS, Gorgeous Women, Lists (My Top 10), thoughts & chaos, Personality disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Relationships & Sexuality, schizophrenia, Romance and Sex, Faith and Sexuality, ugly things, Loving/Hating, Top 10 Lists, I’m Loving You!, General Hatred, Dazed & Confused, Imagine That for ages 3-5 Years, sex talk, Orgasm, Sex Articles, Gorgeous People, the Universe and Everything, Photos / Pictures of Adds, Slightly Confused, Imagine That, Blonde Sense, Gorgeous Online Galleries!, Signs of confusion, Emotional Abuse, Utter confusion, Confused / Confusing, abusive, Ugliness, the unbelievable truth, biography/autobiography, Unbelievable news, Dealing with Grief, Amazed, Pain and Sorrow, Controlled orgasms, Adds, My Hot SEXcapades, the senses, Sexy Women, Passionately in love, stories needed of physical abuse, Beauty & Sexiness, Sexist, quotes that amaze me, multiple orgasms, Hot Sex, physical abuse, passionate, adult sex toys, what am I supposed to do here?, Sexy Men, The sex talk, You Got To Be Joking Me, Top 20 Reviews, Advertisments, Phsychology, Abnormal Phsychology, Personality

All of these are tags are attached to the bottom of every single damned post. Why? What purpose does it serve? You reckon you’ve already got a readership as they’re using your RSS feed. are you that vain that you need to enter the race for popularity using every tag above?

Oh, and two responses to your blonde post:

1. Being blonde does not necessarily make you stupid. You are not necessarily stupid just because you are blonde. You are stupid. But not because you’re blonde.
2. If that’s you in the photo I want proof. I want to see a photo of you with a handwritten sign saying “I Love Jimbo at WordPress.com. He is a demi god”. Yeah, Demi God. I can’t take the title of god, Timethief has that honour!


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