Swindon Underground Airport

It\’s not an airport and it ain\’t in Swindon!

Wank’s A Girl!

The owner of WordPress Wank is of the feminine persuasion. With the way that he she writes, and the name (I know, it’s a nickname, but still!) I naturally assumed that Wank was a guy.

I imagined (I’m sorry Wank!) some 6 foot bloke with a slight beer belly, shoulder length ragged (think Otto from the Simpsons) hair and a goatee or at least a patchy, two week old unshaven style beard, sitting poring over the wp-forums and laughing while Podz says “fuck it“!

Well, the truth is out!



July 16, 2006 Posted by | blogging, Geek, WordPress, Wordpress.com | 7 Comments